But this won’t be your regular trip, you will have to dodge obstacles, pick up and drop passengers without stopping.

And if it doesn’t sound challenging enough, you will have random encounters that will keep you at the edge of your seat. The longer you manage to stay in one piece, the greater the rewards will be.

After every session, you can use your earnings on cosmetic and performance upgrades. Who hasn’t dreamt about a viking or ghost bus? In Buster Booster Bus that’s just business as usual.

Mach Power

To reach Mach Mode you must first know your obstacles well.
Just as a traffic light, a green outline means “good to go” whereas a red outline means “stop or get wrecked”.

When you’ve gathered enough Mach Power, tap the screen as fast as you can to make your Mach Power trip last longer.

Once you’re out of Mach Mode, you could end up in all sorts of distant and zany worlds.



The new guy on the route. Energetic and a highly skilled, he fights his way through streets filled with road hazards to help his passengers get on time to their destinations. In return, he works towards his ultimate goal: afford next month’s rent.


A friendly and relaxed guy who owns a well-stocked store for all bus drivers’ needs. Seeing Buster at the door always makes Toto smile.


The most talented mechanic in all town. She’s always eager to fix and upgrade Buster’s bus, she usually has the bus ready faster than Buster is able to reach his wallet.


She’s as talented as her sister but, according to her, things like “world domination” are more her area of focus. This evil twin will offer vehicles with superpowers that will make road hazards a thing of the past.