Koleo was the best apprentice of Yuno, the legendary hero of the land of Dynaste. With Yuno’s whereabouts shrouded in mystery, Koleo must embark on a challenging journey to discover the truth about his missing master and the sudden resurgence of dark forces. Koleo finds one of Yuno’s pupils along the way, a young mantis called Raiba. He reveals to Koleo that the evil awakened and his master’s disappearance are one in the same, Yuno joined forces with several mercenaries to awaken an ancient power once thought to be a mere tale. Will Koleo be able to clean his master’s name? Is the rumor true? You’ll need to play to find out!



The best apprentice Yuno ever had. Loyal and with a strong sense of justice, he never fears or doubts to confront anyone disturbing the peace of Dynaste and its people.


He was trained by Yuno and defeated by Koleo during the Succession Trials. This only strengthened his resolve to become stronger, so he traveled to distant lands to find temples and techniques that could make him more powerful. During his journey, he sees his former master among mercenaries. When he crosses paths with Koleo, he tries to warn him about their master’s dark deeds. But Koleo could not believe what he said.


They come from different regions and backgrounds, but they joined forces led by Yuno to awaken an evil entity. Koleo must defeat them before it’s too late.

Defeat the Evil that Taints the Land of Dynaste!

Explore over 50 levels spread out 7 different worlds. Koleo must find his master, defeat the mercenaries, and confront evil forces greater than anything Koleo has fought before. Free the Kireiju Princesses, discover all the Medals and Hidden Worlds Ronin Koleo has to offer.